Local Spirits of Southwest Tennessee!

Samuel T. Bryant Distillery, LLC; 1331 Lower Brownsville Road; Jackson, TN 38301; (731) 467-1221; E-mail: www.facebook.com/pg/samueltbryantdistillery 

Located 1/2 North of Exit 74 on I-40 in Jackson, TN, and open Wednesday - Sunday noon to 7pm. The long term plan to produce over 20 products including Moonshine, Several types of Whiskey, an Agave Spirit like Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Grappa, Brandy, Gin and many more.  Every attempt is made to use locally grown produce in our products. The berries in our Blueberry Moonshine and the Black Berry Moonshine come from local farms. The corn we use comes from Madison County farms and we even use local Sorghum Molasses to make a very unique rum like product. And our products are sweetened with honey, sorghum molasses, agave nectar, and natural sugar not high fructose corn syrup.  


Crown Winery; 3538 E Mitchell Street/Hwy. 152 E.; Humboldt, TN 38343; (731) 784-8100; thecrownwinery@aol.com; www.crownwinery.com

Located on a hill outside the town of Humboldt, our vineyards stretch to the south and west and create a stunning backdrop to the Tuscan-style villa. The winery is a unique combination of necessity, science, and renewable energy. The wine production and storage area is built into the hill, which provides natural cooling through the fierce heat of the Tennessee summers. A large solar system generates power to this building and the connecting villa, which provides a majestic haven for weddings and private parties as well as the traditional tasting room and retail area. The rustic, beamed Queen's Pavilion next to the villa and patio can be used for a wedding or as a backup for an outdoor wedding should inclement weather prevail. It can easily accommodate 200 guests, has a vineyard view, and a fireplace.  We welcome you to enjoy a tour of the vineyard and winery. Stay awhile, savor our wines, browse the gift shop and be sure to visit Eric Botbyls' pottery studio and gallery located in the heart of the vineyard.


de terra Vineyard & Wines of Somerville; 605 Joyners Campground Drive ; Somerville,TN 38068; (901) 606-3390; jerrypentz@yahoo.com; www.deterrawinery.com

Located on a 34 acre farm just 4 miles off I-40 between Memphis and Jackson, the vineyard began with Cabernet Sauvignon followed by Cabernet Franc and Malbec.  Seven different Tennessee wines have been introduced; two dry reds, one semi-sweet white, one sweet blush, a southern sweet white, and a red and white muscadine. All of our wines are rich & intensely flavored, reflecting both their origin in the vineyard and the balance of family winemaking.


Century Farm Winery; 1548 Lower Brownsville Road; Jackson, TN  38301; (731) 424-7437; wine@centuryfarmwinery.com; www.centuryfarmwinery.com

Located 1.8 miles off I-40 Exit 74, Century Farm Winery is a family owned and operated working farm that has been in the O’Cain family for 150 years.  Tour the winery and vineyard, taste delicious wines and enjoy tranquil country life style.  Wines include Red Muscadine, White Muscadin, Cayuga, Traminette, Norton (Cynthiana) and Blackberry.  Free concert series “Voices in the Vineyard” Sat. nights from Apr. to Oct. Open 7 days a week 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun. 1 p.m.-5 p.m. (6 p.m. during daylight savings time).


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